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Alex Tagliani has announced the inauguration of his new racing league. Participants will be able to participate in competitions on a mutilevel track, over half a kilometer in length, on a super indoor track, with the "most sophisticated electric karts in the world"


“We believed in our project. Since we started our leagues and have great prizes to win, we want to promote the world of karting. We thought, "Why not do an event during the season where you're going to bring competitors who will be able to win certain prizes?".

We want to try to ensure that people can profess in it. He may be an amateur who may never have thought of touching the world of racing karting. Still, thanks to our leagues, it will give him a chance to be on a track with a competition kart and then really touch the real thing karting competition, which is like the beginning of motor racing,” commented Alex Tagliani at the event.