7D Interactive theater


A multi-sensory interactive attraction that uses cutting edge technology and special effects to ensure a superior experience

Complete immersion in our interactive Dark Ride 7D theater. This is not your typical 3D movie… each player will experience an interactive, unique experience including full motion seats, turbine wind blasts, realistic surround sound and a video game component that makes it interactive.  This attraction may actually blow your socks off! We offer several movie choices in which you'll take action with a gun and take down as many enemies as possible to come out on top. Designed for the whole family, our Dark Ride 7D accommodates 8 people at a time, which makes the competition even more enjoyable.

  • 8 seats available
  • Multi-sensory and interactive attraction
  • Designed for the whole family
  • 3 movies available

7D Interactive theater

# of Games
1   7$
2   13$
3   17$
4   21$
5   25$

(Taxes not included)


* Tickets are interchangeable between Interactive Cinema and VR (ex: 2 tickets = 1 VR + 1 7D cinema)

Before you arrive!

  • 4 years old and over, minimum height: 90cm (36 ")
  • Buy your tickets ONLINE!
  • ~ 5 minutes per game
  • Registration required for ALL activities
  • Multi-sensory and interactive attraction

  • The complete experience!

    Discovery package


    1 junior speed session + 3 boosts + 1 TAG racing balaclava

    Live the full experience! A junior speed session with 3 boosts and your TAG racing balaclava!

  • Section reserved for 2 hours
    Varied Menus available

    Party package (13 years and older)


    1 junior speed karting session + 2 games of 7D theater + 2 Lasertag games + $ 10 arcade card

    *Price starting at $ 82. The above price does not include applicable taxes and tip. Add-ons and extras are available. Prices are subject to change without notice

7D Interactive theater

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